StayCay Family

Horse People

Horses have been apart of my life before I was born and will probably live on long after my time, not only through photographs, stories, or memories but through life values. I was born into the horse life, my father Read More

Sweden Sport break…

StayCay Rental offers guests holiday home rentals so that you can relax and experience spring break like a Swede. Stay in one of our beautiful homes and you will find space for the entire family and time to be together. While staying in Read More

Top 5 sick staycation tips

Before I had children, I remember my parent co-workers entering the office with a warning, by lunch, their child’s school will be calling demanding they pick-up their feverish child. Really? Did my co-worker have a crystal ball or supernatural powers? Read More

Majken’s Staycation Cafe

The idea was simple. School was out for summer and Majken wanted to earn some extra money. At first, she thought about a carwash but quickly changed her mind. You see, Majken recently became the caretaker of a few beautiful Read More

Dairy Princess for the day

In 1965, Mary Ann Titrud Springer represented Todd County as Minnesota’s Princess Kay of the Milky Way. She was from a little village and the first person to have her bust carved out of butter and placed on display at the MN Read More

Saving for something big

Dreams, goals or ideas: they are the motor of our lives. Be careful with your dreams, even the impossible ones. They are the motor of our personality and keep your life interesting. People around you will often support you. Sometimes Read More

Free Yoga by the sea

2016 started on the beach by a Flamingo House on a little island called North Captiva in Florida USA. My sisters were critical but they trusted me. We were all excited to have a place and space to hang out (10 people). We Read More

Gympa Staycation – Lingvallen

Skäldervikens lilla samhälle ligger cirka 5 km från Ängelholm i nordvästra Skåne mellan Bjärehalvön och Kullahalvön.  På kanten vid Skäldervikens vatten – med en underbar havs utsikt – ligger Lingvallen. Lingvallen erbjuder träningsläger, lägerskolor, konferenser samt vandrahem och stugor. Anläggningen ägs av Gymnastikförbundet Syd. Lingvallens aktiviteter. Under Read More

Seglarskola i Vejbystrand

SS Delfinens seglarskola 2016 Seglarskolan i Vejbystrands hamn har planerat för sommar 2016! Nytt i år är att SS Delfinen kommer att ha 2-veckors kurser måndag – fredag med 3 h/dag (v. 27 – 28|v. 28 – 29|v. 29 – 30|och v. 30 – 31). Read More