Horse People

The day was perfect. Darling Stella was happy to be spending the summer day with her young rider.

Horses have been apart of my life before I was born and will probably live on long after my time, not only through photographs, stories, or memories but through life values. I was born into the horse life, my father taught me that horses are a great escape and my childhood was sheltered under the family hobby, Harness racing. I could always be found talking with the old-timers at the races and introduced myself by my track name ‘Maija McGee’.

Malin’s pony Marshal checking in to see everything is ok.

The family hobby gave me strength, physically and mentally, to think and act outside the box. When I was 10 years old, I turned a ‘mountain’ into money and helped the local greenhouse/gardens by supplying all-natural eco-fertilizer to their rose bushes. The roses soon became the talk of the town and everyone wanted to take their wedding photos in the garden. Easily amused, I thought this very interesting and concluded that one person’s undesirables could be someone else’s gold.

At an early age, I was on my way to starting my own business. Sadly, I was unable to lobby for help. I could not convince my sisters or friends that my business was a good employment opportunity and I soon surrendered to the fact that I did not have enough labor to keep up with the never-ending supply and strong demand.

Stella moves from a quick walking gate to a gallop.
A slight movement can have a big reaction.

Horses have also taught me about subtlety. A slight change in the air or touch can send a signal that will trigger a big reaction. Horse people often have an ability to feel a given situation, take note of changes in behavior or intentions of those nearby and make a quick assessment of the situation as safe, dangerous, uninteresting or a chance to help.

I say that horses will probably be a part of my life long after my time because my children, especially my youngest daughter, has been bitten by the horse bug and has started riding lessons with an amazing teacher. Small groups (maximum six children) per horse camp with emphasis on learning subtlety. How the rider should only need to think ‘gallup’ as a signal for the horse to respond (a little help with balance and a squeeze is also a good signal: Hint: bareback).

In a soft and stalwart tone, Malin instructs her riders and shares her knowledge with her students.

The camps are located in our amazing countryside (på Bjäre) in Southern Sweden at Malin’s ideal farm. It is near rolling hills, deep woods, and long sandy beaches (see pictures below). The kids will even have a chance to taste the homegrown vegetables and maybe they will be inspired, like I was, to start a business…

English charm in the Swedish county.
Cows enjoy the sun in the hillside pasture on the farm.
Seeing things from different angels adds spice to life.
Small groups (6 students) allows the teacher time with each rider and their horse.
Malin also offers one-on-one lessons for new riders.

If you are in the area and have the opportunity or desire to share with children horse values such as; responsibility, respect, safety, and joy, I can highly recommend Malin and her fine ponies at Kvinnaböske Ridskola. I would be happy to help you and your family find lodging in one of our fine StayCay Rentals. There is still some opening available at the riding camp and places nearby to stay in June, July and August – 2017. Contact respective businesses soon as space is limited – Malin for riding camp and Maija for home rental.

Notice: I (Maija) offer 1000:- SEK discount on a home rental when booking a weekly rental through this post – please share via social media and tag a horse lover that might be interested in visiting us this summer.

Horse people events in the area this summer

My personal MN horse collage – where it all began.

Horse people events in the area this summer

Riding camps 13 June – 2 August: Kvinnaböske Ridskola as discussed in the post above. Perfect opportunity for kids to gain a good base knowledge, love, and respect for horses. See schedule for more information.

16th – 18th June 2017: National & International Horse Trials (Eventing) in Össjö outside of Ängelholm (week 24). An exciting opportunity for the entire family to see top class horse trials in Southern Sweden. Horse trials is an ‘all-around’ combination competition where riders compete in dressage, cross-country and show jumping. More information at Össjo Hästsällskåp .

StayCay Rental has an apartment for rent in nearby Munka Ljungby. A well planned two-story ‘apartment’ with kitchenette, new bathroom, large balcony and open living and sleeping area. Perfect place to relax after a day at the horse show. Only 10 km from the horse trial competition. We have a larger apartment in beautiful Vejbystrand see for more information about StayCay Rentals and contact information.

8 – 16 July 2017: Sweden’s largest and most well-known horse festival, often considered to be a ‘lifestyle’ event. Nearly 1000 horses and riders plus 600 staff, participate in this well-organized event. Tickets are expensive and often sell quickly. More information at Falsterbo Horse Show.

Båstad Horse Show 2017 (?): I am hoping that, for the third year, Båstad’s Riding Club (Båstad Ridklubb) will arrange Båstad’s Horse Show. Last year nearly 500 riders took part in this horse and pony competition in dressage and jumping. More information about 2016 can be found at their Facebook page Båstad Horse Show.

When we travel we look for an opportunity to spend time with horses. These darling ‘wild’ horses are from Vieques, Puerto Rico.

Wishing you a happy summer, safe travels and I hope you have a chance to spend it with a fellow horse person and many loved horses and ponies.

Warm regards,

StayCay Maija

Sweden Sport break…

StayCay Rental offers guests holiday home rentals so that you can relax and experience spring break like a Swede. Stay in one of our beautiful homes and you will find space for the entire family and time to be together.

While staying in one of our homes you can trust StayCay to provide tips and activity recommendations. Spending ‘spring break’ in Sweden would be different from the 90’s / MTV version of ‘spring break’. Test our ‘Sportlov’ and ‘Easter break’, see how we spend time off from school. Hint: parents and students run to the hills, looking for excitement and winter recreation. Check out StayCays film to see how we like to spend our time off in late winter… Inspired? Check out our homes for rent.

Sweden Spring Break 2017

Top 5 sick staycation tips

Before I had children, I remember my parent co-workers entering the office with a warning, by lunch, their child’s school will be calling demanding they pick-up their feverish child. Really? Did my co-worker have a crystal ball or supernatural powers? No, the truth was their child had a fever the night before but they did not want to call in sick, so they self prescribed a dose of acetaminophen – to get the parents through the work morning.

The term VAB (Vård Av Barn) is a Swedish abbreviation that stands for paid time off from work to nurse a sick child. Swedish parents are compensated and protected by social security laws when their child is sick. This security creates norms and customs regarding when it is acceptable for a sick child to return to school, activities and other social spaces. The peak of claimed time off is in February or as Swedes say, VAB-ruary. In the case of the stomach flu, custom dictates a sick child stay out of public places for 48 hours after the last family member has ‘been sick’. Resulting in a child feeling well enough to be active but potentially contagious. Unchecked, this energy can result in  crazy cabin fever or an opportunity for a sick staycation. We prefer a sick staycation.

Our TOP 5 sick staycations tips;

1) If it is cold, foggy or grey don’t hesitate GET OUTSIDE. Rollerblade, bike or bundle-up in a stroller and take a walk. With a little activity your child will forget they are feeling down. Pack a backpack and venture out in the woods. Make sure to have something was to drink and plenty of water. Take time to sit in the moss and listen to the birds. The woods offer shelter from rain and wind and imagination.

2) Dress-up and make a play or a movie. Let your child decide what character they want to be and the time will fly by. When they get a little older they can add music and edit their photos and videos into a movie. Check out or video ‘Indiana Elly’. We were lucky to get our big sister involved.

3) Get out the paint – join your child and make a mess. You might even make some unique gifts.

4) If you child is missing a lot of days from school, keep them up-to speed by ‘playing school’. Let them be the teacher and find out what subject they are interested in.

5) Play board games or put together a puzzel. This is a great way to wasted the time. Drink plenty of fluids – offer a favourite food or drink.

Most important – try to enjoy the time together!

Majken’s Staycation Cafe

The idea was simple. School was out for summer and Majken wanted to earn some extra money. At first, she thought about a carwash but quickly changed her mind. You see, Majken recently became the caretaker of a few beautiful productive hens. She explained,  ‘I already had a sign’. Majken and her family live in an amazing countryside home with a beautiful garden. This made the final choice of opening a ‘pop-up coffee shop’ an easy decision.

With a little help from her family, Majken started preparing. After the first week, an invitation was sent to about 80 friends and the date was set, Saturday afternoon between 13:00 – 17:00. Chocolate cake, Swedish chocolate delights, saffran cupcakes, cinnamon rolls and lavender biscotti were ready. A few garden inspired gift and all was set.

We were the last to arrive and Majken was full of excitement and energy. There was plenty for us to choose from and for 50 SEK we each had a delicious plate of homemade goodness. Coffee and juice were included. Everyone had a chance to taste the good food – including one of the hens. Rumour has it that Majken got the bug for having a summer (staycation) cafe and, maybe, just maybe, she will open again before school starts again.

Majken's Staycation Cafe
Majken’s Staycation Cafe

Dairy Princess for the day

In 1965, Mary Ann Titrud Springer represented Todd County as Minnesota’s Princess Kay of the Milky Way. She was from a little village and the first person to have her bust carved out of butter and placed on display at the MN State Fair.

Over 50 years later, in a little village in Sweden, two friends played Dairy Princess for the day. They milked the cows until the job was done. They laughed, they worked and they loved it. Later, I was told that a job is only work when you have to do it alone. When you have help it is play. No butter carvings of these girls. They now understand the meaning of från jord to bord (from the ground to the table).

The next day we separated the cream from the milk and made different dairy products. We ended with Swedish pancakes. They were so sweet, they did not need sugar.

Princess for the day

Saving for something big

Big idea

Dreams, goals or ideas: they are the motor of our lives.

Be careful with your dreams, even the impossible ones. They are the motor of our personality and keep your life interesting. People around you will often support you. Sometimes they won’t.

Your parents, partner, boss or friend may or may not share your dream. It is your dream. Work with it, let it be your driving force… as long as it gives you positive energy. Listen to those who respect you, they will often see warning signs if your dream starts taking over the daily tasks; eating, exercising and sleeping. After all, everyone ends up with their head in the clouds sometime.

One thing is certain, taking action towards your dream is a DIY project! You will need to take advice along the way and ask for help when you are stuck. Yet, you are the only one to decide to pick up the tools to build or deconstruct.

Check out the below video for inspiration. The volume is low, so you might need to turn it up slightly.

DIY – making dreams

Free Yoga by the sea

Staycation Yoga

2016 started on the beach by a Flamingo House on a little island called North Captiva in Florida USA. My sisters were critical but they trusted me. We were all excited to have a place and space to hang out (10 people).

We did not know much about the island. We did know a golf cart was included in the home rental and there was free yoga on the beach every morning.

The first morning, it was only my sister and I, the next day my daughter joined us. On the third day we were all attempting downward-facing-dog (yes, grandpa too). Such a great staycation memory.

I wanted to bring this experience home with me and share it with our community. From vision to reality! Welcome, year-round residence, summer home visiters and other staycation guests to FREE YOGA BY THE SEA.

When: 18 & 20 July 2016
Where: Vejbystrands harbor
Time: 8:00 – 9:15
Instructor: Jessica from Ängelholms Yogacenter

Vejbystrands HarborAll ages and experience levels.

Contact or 0730-636 177 with questions.

18 & 20 July 2016 - 8:00 - 9:15

Gympa Staycation – Lingvallen

Badstranden nära Lingvallen
Badstranden nära Lingvallen

Skäldervikens lilla samhälle ligger cirka 5 km från Ängelholm i nordvästra Skåne mellan Bjärehalvön och Kullahalvön.  På kanten vid Skäldervikens vatten – med en underbar havs utsikt – ligger Lingvallen. Lingvallen erbjuder träningsläger, lägerskolor, konferenser samt vandrahem och stugor. Anläggningen ägs av Gymnastikförbundet Syd.

Lingvallens aktiviteter. Under sommaren är det runt 100 barn som reser till Skälderviken från hela landet för att delta på Lingvallens läger. Ett läger kan vara cirka 3-5 dagar. Vi på StayCay ser många möjligheter i samband med dessa träningsläger.

Möjlighet för ett perfekt staycation! Idén är enkelt. Hela familjen reser till nordvästra Skåne och hyr ett hus under en veckas tid. Då är det staycay time -tid att vara nära och samtidig upplever underbar Skälderviken (Vejbystrand, Ängelholm och Bjärehalvön) i en avslappnad miljö. Oändliga möjligheter för ett oförglömligt staycay nära stad, skog och hav!

Är ni intresserade av att hyra eller hyra ut ditt boendet? StayCay Rental

StayCay Service kan hjälpa både dig som vill hyra och dig som vill hyra ut.

Vi önskar dig en trevlig och aktiv sommar.

En underbar läger med en fantastik utsikt!
En underbar läger med en fantastik utsikt!
Seglarskolan i Skälderviken
Seglarskolan i Skälderviken
Underbar cykelväg mellan Skälderviken och Vejbystrand
Underbar cykelväg mellan Skälderviken och Vejbystrand
Lindvallen från Skepparkroken
Lingvallen från Skepparkroken
Område med hästgård - bakom Lindvallen.
Område med hästgård – bakom Lindvallen.

Seglarskola i Vejbystrand

SS Delfinens seglarskola 2016

Seglarskolan i Vejbystrands hamn har planerat för sommar 2016! Nytt i år är att SS Delfinen kommer att ha 2-veckors kurser måndag – fredag med 3 h/dag
(v. 27 – 28|v. 28 – 29|v. 29 – 30|och v. 30 – 31). Då hoppas vi på fint väder.

Mer information om seglarskolan och anmälan finns på SS Delfinens websida – Anmäl här

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