Tennis in Sweden

In beautiful Båstad you can enjoy high standards and quality time on the beach, in the woods or on the town.

Skistar Swedish Open & Ericsson Open

An unforgettable opportunity to see tennis with world class contenders in beautiful Båstad Sweden.  Previous Erickson Open participants include; Serena Williams, Mona Barthel, Johanna Larsson and Chanelle Sheepers.

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16 – 23 July: Skistar Swedish Open
23 – 30 July: Ericssonopen

See you in Båstad – Sweden

Thursdays in Rammsjö Hamn

Dancing in the rain with Hallavara Stompers at our 40’s party.

Rammsjö Hamn is an picturesque harbor located in Southern Sweden (på Bjäre). Visit this unique place by boat, bike or hiking and you will understand the charm. If you are lucky the little restaurant will be open and serving good eco friendly, locally produces eats. If you are extra lucky you might get to hear some great live music – 2016’s Thursdays were filled with good jazz music (so good I had to invite Hallavar Stompers home to play at our 40s garden party).



Hope to see you in 2017 enjoying this jewel of a place.

Harbor hopping in picture perfect Skälderviken Sweden

Airbnb, Home Away or Stugknuten?

How to get to Vejby Beach?

Vejbystrands Beach from the sea

First, I have a listing posted on Airbnb. It has been two weeks with no response. I have used the site myself and found a great place in Florida and Turks. Easy to keep contact with the host as a guest and nice to post a listing as a host. The site did not take any fees upfront. If you don’t get a rental, you don’t have to pay a fee. Fair agreement but it is time to look at other options.

Second, I will try Home Away for my July StayCation home. The site was very time consuming and expensive. Not sure I like it. Lets see if we get any results.

Third, the Swedish site The website is ok, a little too much information but easy to post and the cost was reasonable. The downside is my listing will not be posted until the announcement in manually checked which usually takes 24 hours. However, being it is the Swedish National Holliday today, it might take longer.

Life can be smooth sailing or choppy water. One thing is sure, life is a mix of + and – !

I will keep you posted on the result.

Free Yoga by the sea

Staycation Yoga

2016 started on the beach by a Flamingo House on a little island called North Captiva in Florida USA. My sisters were critical but they trusted me. We were all excited to have a place and space to hang out (10 people).

We did not know much about the island. We did know a golf cart was included in the home rental and there was free yoga on the beach every morning.

The first morning, it was only my sister and I, the next day my daughter joined us. On the third day we were all attempting downward-facing-dog (yes, grandpa too). Such a great staycation memory.

I wanted to bring this experience home with me and share it with our community. From vision to reality! Welcome, year-round residence, summer home visiters and other staycation guests to FREE YOGA BY THE SEA.

When: 18 & 20 July 2016
Where: Vejbystrands harbor
Time: 8:00 – 9:15
Instructor: Jessica from Ängelholms Yogacenter

Vejbystrands HarborAll ages and experience levels.

Contact or 0730-636 177 with questions.

18 & 20 July 2016 - 8:00 - 9:15

Eurorando 2016 test 1: Båstad – Torekov

StayCay reporting from the trail

We set out to explore Bjäre and the hike from Båstad to Torekov, one of Eurorando 2016 and Southern Sweden 50+ hiking trails. Breakfast in our backpack and waffles in Kattvik. After 5 hours we made it to Hovs Hallar – we felt like Vikings. A great staycation activity.

We had fun!

Friday Fun: call a random Swede

Interested in Sweden – Call a Swede

The Swedish Tourist Board just opened a new service to boost tourism. The program is known as ”The Swedish Number”. The British Metro tried the service and concluded, ”this is pritty amazing – who knew taking to complete strangers could be so much fun.”

Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) tested the service. Predictably, the first comment from the MPR reporter was ”you don’t sound Swedish”. I only wish the Swede would have replied ’ooooh reely Bob? Well, jo don’t sound like your from Minnesooooda, dontchaknow’.

Let’s call a random Swede!

Stefan Lindqvist wrote in the Swedish newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad (HD) that he was not impressed with the idea. Fearing the possibility that a Swedish  ”Jimmy” (read SD) would tell callers ”we can’t have any more refugees…”. Stefan would rather the Swedish Tourism Board call him for consultation.

Being curious, I went to The Swedish Number and downloaded the app. You can also Google #theswedishnumber to follow what people are saying about the project.  I registered, but I got a disappointing reply, ’something went wrong. We have a lot of people that are interested in answering for Sweden. As such, it may take time before you take your first call. We are sorry for this, and we are working hard to give more people the opportunity to answer for Sweden.’

Who knows, if the bugs get fixed, I might be answering random questions about Sweden. +46 771 793 336 +46 771 793 336

Try it yourself. I would like to hear what you think.

Staycay like a Swede: Right in our backyard

Eurorando 2016
10 – 17 September 2016

Hiking trail Map: Båstad -Torekov
Map: Hiking trail Båstad -Torekov

7,000 Europeans are planning to travel to beautiful Southern Sweden for a hiking event between the 10th and 17th of September. Check out Eurorando 2016 .

There are around 50 designated trails – some I have explored and many are on my ’hit-list’. My first is described as ’boats, trees and water on an enchanting path’. The path wanders through what the New York Time’s calls the ’Swedish Rivera’ – starting in Båstad and ending in Torekov.

The New York Times: The Good Life on the Swedish Riviera

Being from Minnesota and an MPR fan, I can almost hear Lynne Rossetto Kasper’s voice as she interviews foodie(s). Rounding-off with a statement like ’do you know what I would do with all that fresh kale’? Maybe she would share advice on a marinade for the grass-fed organic steak that I bought at Lindegren’s farm, as I was walking through.

Why should the Europeans have all the fun? I am sure there are plenty of ’Swedes’ in the US that would love to see the Karl-Oskar and Kristina’s home country. The weather is perfect. The food is in season. I can help you staycay like a Swede. What are you waiting for? I will be happy to help you.

Still not convinced?

Like one of my Facebook page StayCay or Insta You can check out the inspiration page at StayCay. Be sure to check back later this Spring for media from the trail. I plan to make the 4,5 hour hike with my family…

Update: Check out the film we made from Båstad – Hovs Hallar

Kind regards,

StayCay – like a Swede