Majken’s Staycation Cafe

The idea was simple. School was out for summer and Majken wanted to earn some extra money. At first, she thought about a carwash but quickly changed her mind. You see, Majken recently became the caretaker of a few beautiful productive hens. She explained,  ’I already had a sign’. Majken and her family live in an amazing countryside home with a beautiful garden. This made the final choice of opening a ’pop-up coffee shop’ an easy decision.

With a little help from her family, Majken started preparing. After the first week, an invitation was sent to about 80 friends and the date was set, Saturday afternoon between 13:00 – 17:00. Chocolate cake, Swedish chocolate delights, saffran cupcakes, cinnamon rolls and lavender biscotti were ready. A few garden inspired gift and all was set.

We were the last to arrive and Majken was full of excitement and energy. There was plenty for us to choose from and for 50 SEK we each had a delicious plate of homemade goodness. Coffee and juice were included. Everyone had a chance to taste the good food – including one of the hens. Rumour has it that Majken got the bug for having a summer (staycation) cafe and, maybe, just maybe, she will open again before school starts again.

Majken's Staycation Cafe
Majken’s Staycation Cafe

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