Saving for something big

Big idea

Dreams, goals or ideas: they are the motor of our lives.

Be careful with your dreams, even the impossible ones. They are the motor of our personality and keep your life interesting. People around you will often support you. Sometimes they won’t.

Your parents, partner, boss or friend may or may not share your dream. It is your dream. Work with it, let it be your driving force… as long as it gives you positive energy. Listen to those who respect you, they will often see warning signs if your dream starts taking over the daily tasks; eating, exercising and sleeping. After all, everyone ends up with their head in the clouds sometime.

One thing is certain, taking action towards your dream is a DIY project! You will need to take advice along the way and ask for help when you are stuck. Yet, you are the only one to decide to pick up the tools to build or deconstruct.

Check out the below video for inspiration. The volume is low, so you might need to turn it up slightly.

DIY – making dreams

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