Fall in love with Skåne this autumn

2016 – Skåne opens our door to the world with Eurorando 2016. Right in our backyard, you can hike 3 beautiful trails that are near historical sights, harbor, fields, orchards and breathtaking views. Just a two hour flight from Stockholm, two hour train ride from Copenhagen or a car trip down from Oslo. The best part about these trails are they are open all year round!

If you are interested in golf or horseback riding it is good to know we have some of Swedens finnest courses and riding areas just minutes away!

We also have Swedens best and most beautiful farming county. Bike along the new Kattegattleden and you will see the seasons finest offerings. Combine this with hunting for the forests ’gold’ (mushroom and berry picking), a vist to our fine farm stores for an unforgettable ’foodie’ weekend. We can tell you where to buy the best lamb, wild game, smoked sausages, local grown beef and seafood delights.

We even offer a beautiful home where you can cook and enjoy these treasures. Make a get-to-getter long weekend with friends or family and staycation at one of our beautiful homes. Check-out below for pictures of the amazing autumn home in Stora Hult Sweden – In the heart of it all.

Check out our fun video.

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