Saturday Dilemma in Vejbystrand

Vejbystrand with a twist
Vejbystrand with a twist

When I moved to Vejbystrand in 2007, I was told Vejbystrand was a sleeping village. At the time, two neighbours warned, after 20 years they were still ’tourists’ never seen as ’local’. I listen with a sublime Bob Dylan the times they are a changin’.

This upcoming Saturday I have a staycation dilemma – too many things to do.

The possibility for sunshine invits a long walk along the beach, through Stora Hult, pass the blooming apple orchard and up to Lillaro Café. A delightful morning hike. If you have not been to this creative and charming destination, check out Joakim Lloyd Raboff’s Twin Peaks-like video sommarbesök hos Lillaro Café. With the artists permission, I reposted the video on StayCay’s Facebook page.   

Next? Vejby IF football match at 15:00. New grandstand, energetic players (I met one young man on my walk last week) and a community gathering. Sounds like my cup-of-tea. Unfortunately, I will have to make a rain-check.

What is competing for my time? Vejbystrands Cykelfest! We are invited to starters at 16:00 and hosting the main course at 18:00. If all goes well, 78 participants will converge at Hos Jonas at 22:00!

The times have changed. Vejbystrand is awake and welcoming! Love Vejbystrand – wishing you a great weekend.

Love Vejbystrand

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