The First Year

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Happy Holidays

StayCay started with a belief in slowing down and focusing on important things; family, health, nature and being. Taking a vacation requires a cost/benefit analys that should not only consider a financial cost but a efficiency analys. For example, a vacation can be spent on an exotic island or it can be as simple as staying at home and visiting places and people we care about – a staycation.

To be sure, undertaking a journey across the world is an indulgence rather than a necessity.  It is a great way to expand our knowledge about the world and experience social interactions we would otherwise miss. Yet, these experience cost money and a tremendous about of time. Think about the endless hours spent searching for the best place to visit at the best price. Consider, the time it takes to pack, find someone to look after the place (watch the family pet), fix passports and visa applications, waiting in security lines and last but not least wasting time with entertainment systems while sitting on the airplane. Don’t forget unpacking and washing when you get home. I think you get my point, it is not only an indulgence of money but time.

A staycation on the other hand, allows you to save on accommodations and travel but also time and energy. By staying ’home’, you have money over for the activities you want and time to be with the people you have been missing while rushing off to work.

A middle option, somewhere between exotic vacations and staying at home, is the family cabin. The place were we can ’just be’ and indulge in the hobby we cherish. Yet, owing a family cabin is not only an economic luxury, it can also be a social liability for many extended families. How many times have you heard how the family cabin has been the catalyst for many uncomfortable or non-existent family visits?

2017 should be the year you try a 4th option – take a StayCay with us. We rent homes and cabins and add extra service to that your vacation is what it should be – time for slowing down and focusing on important things; family, health, nature and being. We have made a top staycation tips for 2017!

Chanterelle 'gold'.Tip 1: The North Woods

Hiking trails are  in abundance in Sweden. In the late summer you can hunt for the ‘gold of the woods’ – Chanterelles.

See Skåne by bikeTip 2: Kattegatleden

Bike Sweden’s West Coast on the inter regional bike trail.  Tip: Spend a relaxing week in Vejbystrand.

img_3034Tip 3: Midsommar

Every June, Sweden celebrates the longest day of the year. Every village has a special celebration. Pick wildflowers and make a crown for the dance.

vejbystrand beachTip 4: Vejbystrand

Enjoy our little village with a big heart. Tennis, sailing, football, music, the beach and the outdoor pool.

World class tennis in Båstad Tip 5: Tennis in Båstad

Watch tennis at its best in beautiful Båstad. Enjoy shopping, dinning and dancing.

Pyttebro - bridge over Rönneån from our StayCay boatTip 6: Skälderviken

Rent our StayCay boat and get out on the water and see seals, dolphins and more. Just a short trip the Vejbystrands harbor and you can set anchor på Hallandsväderö or Kullaberg.

Last year, we were able to help 10 homeowners rent out their homes and we are proud to have helped over 15 families with their ’staycay’ in our community. Our goal for 2017 is double these numbers. Hope to see you in 2017!

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