Vejbystrand – Staycation paradise

29 April 2016

April Month
04 Spring Road
Northwinds village

Dear April,

Thank you for bringing the sun. We enjoyed her warmth. When the snow fell that early morning, I brushed you off as a simple trickster. Teasing with the sun one day, freezing the evening air and filling the morning with fluffy snow. My cucumber plants victim and I dupe. I remind you, lagom är bäst – everything in moderation.

For you, I have written a little phrase, to explain you what we in Skåne Sweden think of your games.

Despite the fun your time is done
Valborg night and you take flight
We light a fire and you admire
that in Skåne…
maj maj måne

As a gesture of good faith, an attempt to put an end to disruptive behavior, I offer above video.

Please enjoy.

Sincerely yours,


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