Airbnb, Home Away or Stugknuten?

How to get to Vejby Beach?

Vejbystrands Beach from the sea

First, I have a listing posted on Airbnb. It has been two weeks with no response. I have used the site myself and found a great place in Florida and Turks. Easy to keep contact with the host as a guest and nice to post a listing as a host. The site did not take any fees upfront. If you don’t get a rental, you don’t have to pay a fee. Fair agreement but it is time to look at other options.

Second, I will try Home Away for my July StayCation home. The site was very time consuming and expensive. Not sure I like it. Lets see if we get any results.

Third, the Swedish site The website is ok, a little too much information but easy to post and the cost was reasonable. The downside is my listing will not be posted until the announcement in manually checked which usually takes 24 hours. However, being it is the Swedish National Holliday today, it might take longer.

Life can be smooth sailing or choppy water. One thing is sure, life is a mix of + and – !

I will keep you posted on the result.

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