Staycay like a Swede: Right in our backyard

Eurorando 2016
10 – 17 September 2016

Hiking trail Map: Båstad -Torekov
Map: Hiking trail Båstad -Torekov

7,000 Europeans are planning to travel to beautiful Southern Sweden for a hiking event between the 10th and 17th of September. Check out Eurorando 2016 .

There are around 50 designated trails – some I have explored and many are on my ’hit-list’. My first is described as ’boats, trees and water on an enchanting path’. The path wanders through what the New York Time’s calls the ’Swedish Rivera’ – starting in Båstad and ending in Torekov.

The New York Times: The Good Life on the Swedish Riviera

Being from Minnesota and an MPR fan, I can almost hear Lynne Rossetto Kasper’s voice as she interviews foodie(s). Rounding-off with a statement like ’do you know what I would do with all that fresh kale’? Maybe she would share advice on a marinade for the grass-fed organic steak that I bought at Lindegren’s farm, as I was walking through.

Why should the Europeans have all the fun? I am sure there are plenty of ’Swedes’ in the US that would love to see the Karl-Oskar and Kristina’s home country. The weather is perfect. The food is in season. I can help you staycay like a Swede. What are you waiting for? I will be happy to help you.

Still not convinced?

Like one of my Facebook page StayCay or Insta You can check out the inspiration page at StayCay. Be sure to check back later this Spring for media from the trail. I plan to make the 4,5 hour hike with my family…

Update: Check out the film we made from Båstad – Hovs Hallar

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StayCay – like a Swede

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