The First Year

StayCay –  Rental, Service and Inspiration StayCay started with a belief in slowing down and focusing on important things; family, health, nature and being. Taking a vacation requires a cost/benefit analys that should not only consider a financial cost but a efficiency Read More

Making meaning: Ice-cream social

When I grew-up we had the ‘Ice-Cream Social’. My grandfather made old fashioned vanilla ice-cream and my mother baked blueberry pies. This was our chance to eat the best pie and ice-cream our neighbours had to offer. Although there was Read More

Magnarp Home – Staycation Storybook

This StayCay Rental is located on the hillside steps aways from the sea, biking trails, open fields, playground and much more. Swish down to Magnarp’s harbor for lunch at the local seafood restaurant or buy fresh seafood to cook in Read More

Defining StayCay

I live in a little area in the highest point of Southern Sweden. It is officially called Bjärehalvön, Bjäre for short (a loved child has many names). This year I started a company that helps with local vacation home management. Read More

Great day at the office

Last night we celebrated Valborg… The 1st of May has always been a special day. When I was young we made Mayday baskets and left them at the door of our neighbor. The goal was to knock on the door, leave Read More

Vejbystrand – Staycation paradise

29 April 2016 April Month 04 Spring Road Northwinds village Sweden Dear April, Thank you for bringing the sun. We enjoyed her warmth. When the snow fell that early morning, I brushed you off as a simple trickster. Teasing with Read More

Saturday Dilemma in Vejbystrand

When I moved to Vejbystrand in 2007, I was told Vejbystrand was a sleeping village. At the time, two neighbours warned, after 20 years they were still ’tourists’ never seen as ’local’. I listen with a sublime Bob Dylan the times they Read More

Konstrunda i Skåne

Konstrundan 2016 25 mars – 3 april hemsidan är helt uppdaterad. Apparna finns. Konstrundan 2016   Hitta boende