Terms of Service

Terms of Service

updated 2018.01.29

All StayCay primary renters and hosts must be at least 18 years old.

The following rental conditions apply to the lease agreement, which StayCay negotiated between the home owner and the tenant. StayCay acts only as an intermediary and advisory position, and is therefore only liable as such. The rental of homes that StayCay conveys is always at the conditions below, together with rental agreement and good to know information constitute contractual basis between the host and the tenant. Additions to the rental agreements are only valid if presented in written form.

Before the beginning of the stay, the tenant will get a proof of rental as evidence of agreement. Time for handing over the keys to the holiday home is agreed by email, SMS or instant messaging.

1. Rental period

The arrival and departure times stated on the booking agreement is the most valid unless otherwise indicated in writing and confirmed by StayCay via email, sms or message.

2. The Property

2.1 Housing size

The property size is calculated based on information given to StayCay from the homeowner.

2.2 Number of persons

The holiday house with its plot may only be occupied by a maximum number of people, including children, regardless of age, as stated in the offer and on the rental agreement.

The renter must inform StayCay at the booking request as to the total number of guests. The bedding and home interior formation is base on this number of guests in the rental agreement. Internet is offered when available but not a guarantee for any rental properties under StayCay management.

If there are more people than the maximum allowed in the house or on the property, the host and / or StayCay reserves the right to immediately dismiss the additional persons. Comply with the tenant for such rejection within 12 hours after it announced, the holiday rental owner and / or StayCay right terminate the lease with immediate effect and without further warning evicting all residents without any refund of the rental amount. StayCay conveys mainly holiday for families and couples. Groups, of more than 7 people who are not families or couples, are of course also welcome however only in agreement to the group being registered as such with the booking request.  StayCay or hosts have the right to reject a group, unless notification of group trip not taken in advance of the rental period. StayCay or holiday home owners have the right, when it comes to groups, charging a higher deposit on arrival at the holiday house and can also require payment for mandatory final cleaning.

2.3 Tents and caravans

It is forbidden to pitch a tent, park caravans and similar or at the StayCay property. Hosts or StayCay have the right to immediately demand that these be removed. Faller to comply with the tenant for such a rejection quickly allows host and / or StayCay right to terminate the lease with immediate effect and without further warning reject all accommodation without any refund of the rental amount.

2.4 Pets and allergies

In some houses, pets are not allowed. Holiday home owner or StayCay can not guarantee, however, that there has not been any pets in the house.

2.5 Noise pollution

Renters can – even in holiday areas – unexpectedly exposed to noise from construction work, traffic or the like. Neither the holiday home owner or StayCay can be held responsible for noise pollution.

3. Payment of rent

Hosts have control over who they allow to book their space. Hosts are required to confirm or deny a booking request from a guest within 24 hours. Furthermore, hosts are responsible for setting their per-night rates, cleaning fees, and security deposits (if they choose to require either of the later).

Once a booking is confirmed, the guest pays whatever the total fee is, which may include taxes and cleaning fees. StayCay then charges hosts 20 % percent of the per-night rate for every booking. This allows StayCay to let hosts list their spaces without paying a monthly or annual fee.

StayCay requires hosts to to file tax documents.

Prices are quoted in SEK (Swedish kronor) per house per day / week / month. The order is binding immediately, regardless if the offer is made over the Internet or email. Once payment has been registered, a rental agreement will be available and rental documents will be sent to the renter after the booking has been confirmed.


When ordering, the following applies: The total rental payment becomes due immediately and shall be StayCay later than 3 days after order. If no payment terms are followed, regarded the agreement as broken, and StayCay thus has the right to cancel the contract concluded without the tenant receives notice. StayCay will as possible to notify the tenant before. The termination of the agreement does not mean that the tenant is free of his obligation the payment of rent, and the relationship is governed under the rules of cancellation in paragraph 5. Unless otherwise stated, the rental amount, including consumption costs such as electricity, oil, gas and heating (also wood) and water.

4. Taxes and currency

StayCay reserves the right, in the event of price increases, tax increases, fee increases and exchange rate changes increase the rent accordingly to clear documentation. If the currency of the country vacation home is located in, or the currency with which the holiday home offset by StayCay, changes in relation to the currency of the rental proposals of vacation homeowners and StayCay, can rent the rental agreement and before the start of the rental, increased by the same percentage that it used currency has risen by then rental suggestions printing. This circumstance does not give the tenant the right to cancel the lease.

5. Cancellation / changes

Hosts and guests agree to StayCays cancelations policy.

5.1 Cancellations

Hosts and guests agree to StayCays cancelations policy. A cancellation can only be made in writing and apply only from the date when it came to StayCay.


When cancellation are the following charges out:

From booking and until 75 days prior to occupancy: 10% of the total rental amount, but at least SEK 500: –

From 74 to 45 days prior to occupancy: 25% of the total rental amount, but at least SEK 500: –

From 44 days prior to occupancy: 100% of the total rental amount, even if the rented holiday home is not put to use. The fee is rounded up to whole amount in SEK.

5.3 Unless vacation house be rented to another tenant and at full price, they can in point 5.2.c. mention the charges reduced to a charge of 25% of the total rental amount, but at least SEK 500: -, May holiday house is not re-hired, or if the holiday house can not be rented at full price, the fees charged in paragraph 5.2.


The breaking point for the 5.2 and 5.3 days mention is midnight (Swedish time).


StayCay can discuss with the tenant about the opportunity to put another tenant in his place, in the same period and for the same price, If StayCay accepts a name change on payment/rental terms a fee of SEK 500: -. Notice thereof shall reach StayCay.

6. Deposit

If the holiday home owner so requires, the tenant is bound to pay a deposit at the latest at key pickup. The deposit serves as insurance for holiday owner in case of any damage to the house and / or lack of or insufficient final cleaning. Depositions amount depends among other things on the house and equipment. Depositions apparent size of the rental certificate, directory and / or the Internet. For stays longer than 3 weeks, the above deposit will be charged per week, and it can be a payment for a final cleaning, possibly more, depending on the rental duration. From the deposit deducted the cost of any damage and / or insufficient final cleaning, plus expedition cost. Should the value of the above, exceed the deposit amount, will the excess amount be charged to the tenant. At the rental of holiday homes for groups as well as in rentals during the Christmas / New Year, the normal deposit increased by SEK 1000: – per person. The tenant may also be required to pay one or more obligatory final cleanings depending on rental duration.

7. Final cleaning

The tenant is obliged to leave the house properly clean condition. It is important to not forget the cleaning of the refrigerator, freezer, stove, oven, frill and sanitary installations. The house must be left in the same condition as it would like to find it. Costs for inadequate cleaning will be charged to the tenant. An ordered final cleaning does not relieve the tenant from the responsibility to do the dishes, empty the fridge and pick-up at the holiday house before departure.

8. Damage

In the case of small-scale damage (If a guest breaks a plate), StayCay will help document and mitigate the damage clam. Guests and homeowners are recommended to have help from their own homeowner’s insurance for larger damage.

The tenant must treat the rented holiday home well. The tenant must leave the holiday house in the same condition as when you moved in. The tenant is responsible for the damage to the property and / or its contents that occurs during the rental period, caused by the tenant or others who stayed in the house during the rental period.

Damage to holiday houses and / or its contents that occurs during the rental period, shall be promptly notified to StayCay. Complaints due to damage incurred during the rental period, if the error is reported or can be found in normal attention, rectified within 3 weeks of the rental period, provided that the tenant has not acted fraudulently.

In the occasion of damage or defects to the property or its contents, as well as any deficiencies in the cleaning and administration fee will be added to the deducted deposit amount.


The issue of liability can became point of contention. All hosts are required to have their own insurance in place to cover any losses or damages. In return guests are required to have traveller or homeowner insurance that covers cost when renting on vacation. You must have valid insurance if you rent your space and guest must have insurance when renting.

9 StayCay as intermediaries

StayCay mediates the rental of holiday homes, but are not the owners of these. Lessor responsibilities and obligations thus rests on holiday the owner alone. StayCay utilizes holiday owner’s interests in connection with the settlement of the lease. Unless a lease in the unlikely not to be carrying out the causes which are beyond StayCays control, for example. as a result of compulsory auction, breach of contract from the holiday owner’s side or the like, is StayCay entitled to cancel the lease to the immediate refund of the rent already paid. StayCay, however, at its discretion, if possible, offer the tenant another equivalent semesteris in the same area and at the same price.

10. Dispute

Parties should seek to solve dispute concerning the interpretation or application of this Agreement through negotiations. If the parties can not agree, the dispute may be stacked by the Consumer Complaints Board or by the courts.

11. Extraordinary events

11.1 If the lease as a result of unforeseen circumstances / force majeure (eg. War, nature and pollution disasters, epidemics, border closure, traffic conditions, interruption of currency trading, strikes, lockouts and similar) can not be implemented or significantly aggravated, StayCay and semesterhusas owners cancel the lease. In this situation, neither the owner holiday or StayCay tends to be. StayCay are cases of force majeure to justify ugly cost recovery for all incurred expenses, including booking costs, which can be linked to the lease termination.

11.2 Holiday home owner or StayCay can not be responsible in the event of insect infestation on vacation house or property, theft, or the like, which affects the tenant’s private property or the like.

12 Bookings, payments, and fees

Hosts have complete control over who they allow to book their space. Hosts are required to confirm or deny a booking request from a guest within 24 hours. Furthermore, hosts are responsible for setting their per-night rates, cleaning fees, and security deposits (if they choose to require either of the later). 12 Other information

12.1 If the tenant enter into a separate written agreement with StayCay, which in one or more areas deviating from the normal rental conditions are not thereby nullified. StayCay rental conditions always apply.

12.2 StayCay properties are rent in the order the booking request is received.

12.3 We reserve the right to correct errors such as price, dates and other misprints after an offer or booking request has been made.

12.4 All information in StayCays documentation has been written with the best ability to be accurate and according to local regulations.

12.5 Reproduction of StayCays documents for commercial use, in whole or in part is prohibited by law.

12.6 All StayCay customers– guests and hosts – must be at least 18 years old.

13. Subletting

StayCay advices hosts on general rules for renting out space. It is the sole responsibility of hosts and renters to understand their specific lease, and local registration requirements.

14 Vetting guests

StayCay hosts are informed of the quest request and may accept or deny anyone who requests to stay at their place for any reason. Conversely, StayCay can recommend a the available sites guests can choose.

15 Host terms

StayCay meets with the homeowners and enables hosts to make their own rules for guests. For example, some hosts may allow pets, others may not. These rules are totally up to the host, and guests are required to know and abide by hosts’ rules during their stay as according to the rental agreement. If guests, fail to follow these rules, the host may require guest to leave early and guest revoke their right to a refund.