Top 5 sick staycation tips

Before I had children, I remember my parent co-workers entering the office with a warning, by lunch, their child’s school will be calling demanding they pick-up their feverish child. Really? Did my co-worker have a crystal ball or supernatural powers? No, the truth was their child had a fever the night before but they did not want to call in sick, so they self prescribed a dose of acetaminophen – to get the parents through the work morning.

The term VAB (Vård Av Barn) is a Swedish abbreviation that stands for paid time off from work to nurse a sick child. Swedish parents are compensated and protected by social security laws when their child is sick. This security creates norms and customs regarding when it is acceptable for a sick child to return to school, activities and other social spaces. The peak of claimed time off is in February or as Swedes say, VAB-ruary. In the case of the stomach flu, custom dictates a sick child stay out of public places for 48 hours after the last family member has ‘been sick’. Resulting in a child feeling well enough to be active but potentially contagious. Unchecked, this energy can result in  crazy cabin fever or an opportunity for a sick staycation. We prefer a sick staycation.

Our TOP 5 sick staycations tips;

1) If it is cold, foggy or grey don’t hesitate GET OUTSIDE. Rollerblade, bike or bundle-up in a stroller and take a walk. With a little activity your child will forget they are feeling down. Pack a backpack and venture out in the woods. Make sure to have something was to drink and plenty of water. Take time to sit in the moss and listen to the birds. The woods offer shelter from rain and wind and imagination.

2) Dress-up and make a play or a movie. Let your child decide what character they want to be and the time will fly by. When they get a little older they can add music and edit their photos and videos into a movie. Check out or video ‘Indiana Elly’. We were lucky to get our big sister involved.

3) Get out the paint – join your child and make a mess. You might even make some unique gifts.

4) If you child is missing a lot of days from school, keep them up-to speed by ‘playing school’. Let them be the teacher and find out what subject they are interested in.

5) Play board games or put together a puzzel. This is a great way to wasted the time. Drink plenty of fluids – offer a favourite food or drink.

Most important – try to enjoy the time together!

Majken’s Staycation Cafe

The idea was simple. School was out for summer and Majken wanted to earn some extra money. At first, she thought about a carwash but quickly changed her mind. You see, Majken recently became the caretaker of a few beautiful productive hens. She explained,  ‘I already had a sign’. Majken and her family live in an amazing countryside home with a beautiful garden. This made the final choice of opening a ‘pop-up coffee shop’ an easy decision.

With a little help from her family, Majken started preparing. After the first week, an invitation was sent to about 80 friends and the date was set, Saturday afternoon between 13:00 – 17:00. Chocolate cake, Swedish chocolate delights, saffran cupcakes, cinnamon rolls and lavender biscotti were ready. A few garden inspired gift and all was set.

We were the last to arrive and Majken was full of excitement and energy. There was plenty for us to choose from and for 50 SEK we each had a delicious plate of homemade goodness. Coffee and juice were included. Everyone had a chance to taste the good food – including one of the hens. Rumour has it that Majken got the bug for having a summer (staycation) cafe and, maybe, just maybe, she will open again before school starts again.

Majken's Staycation Cafe
Majken’s Staycation Cafe

Dairy Princess for the day

In 1965, Mary Ann Titrud Springer represented Todd County as Minnesota’s Princess Kay of the Milky Way. She was from a little village and the first person to have her bust carved out of butter and placed on display at the MN State Fair.

Over 50 years later, in a little village in Sweden, two friends played Dairy Princess for the day. They milked the cows until the job was done. They laughed, they worked and they loved it. Later, I was told that a job is only work when you have to do it alone. When you have help it is play. No butter carvings of these girls. They now understand the meaning of från jord to bord (from the ground to the table).

The next day we separated the cream from the milk and made different dairy products. We ended with Swedish pancakes. They were so sweet, they did not need sugar.

Princess for the day

World Class Staycation Home

4 bedroom. 1,5 bath, 240kvm high standard home.
4 bedroom. 1,5 bath, 240kvm high standard home.

World class staycation home for rent 7-14 Aug. 2016. 4 bdr. 1,5 bath, Art Deco details orangery, balcony, deck and outdoor lounge. Available during Festival in Skälderviken – 12500:- SEK/wk.

This home is located in Vejbystrand Sweden only a few meters of the beach. In addition to the beach, this home is across the street from the woods and tennis courts. Down the hill and you are at the outdoor public pool, restaurants. We are only a 20 min. drive to several golf courses.

Check out StayCays video to get a feeling for this fantastic home.

Staycation on the farm?

The newest Rental listing from StayCay is now available. It is a charming family home located in the heart of Vejby. Get to know this country-side life while being a short bike ride to the sea and out lovely town Vejbystrand. We have so much to offer! Long sandy beaches, newly expanded harbor, restaurants, grocery store, football club, tennis, outdoor swimmingpool, miles of hiking and biking and wonderful local farm shops. Come get away from it all and enjoy the sound of Vejby.

The home is available from two weeks in 2016 – 1) 23 July – 30 July & 2) 30 July – 6 August. Price is 7 500: SEK for one week.

Contact StayCay today for more information

Magnarp Home – Staycation Storybook

This StayCay Rental is located on the hillside steps aways from the sea, biking trails, open fields, playground and much more. Swish down to Magnarp’s harbor for lunch at the local seafood restaurant or buy fresh seafood to cook in this beautiful, unique home with view of the sea. 6 bedrooms (7 beds), 2 baths, 2 living rooms, laundry room, dinning room and eat in kitchen. The garden is large and private with separate covered eating area and trampoline. Want activity tips? StayCay can help.

StayCay in May

We have amazing weather in Sweden and the feeling is that summer is already here. If you have not already, you should think about spending a summer vacation på Bjäre.

Vejbystrand has a lot of activities to offer. Tennis, beach, boating, sailing school, swimming lessons and much more.

Take a look at our inspirational video to see why Vejbystrand is your staycation destination.

Defining StayCay

I live in a little area in the highest point of Southern Sweden. It is officially called Bjärehalvön, Bjäre for short (a loved child has many names). This year I started a company that helps with local vacation home management. It is called StayCay. What? Why the name StayCay? I could draw a long vague anthropological account but I decide to make a short video instead. Enjoy.


Vejbystrand – Staycation paradise

29 April 2016

April Month
04 Spring Road
Northwinds village

Dear April,

Thank you for bringing the sun. We enjoyed her warmth. When the snow fell that early morning, I brushed you off as a simple trickster. Teasing with the sun one day, freezing the evening air and filling the morning with fluffy snow. My cucumber plants victim and I dupe. I remind you, lagom är bäst – everything in moderation.

For you, I have written a little phrase, to explain you what we in Skåne Sweden think of your games.

Despite the fun your time is done
Valborg night and you take flight
We light a fire and you admire
that in Skåne…
maj maj måne

As a gesture of good faith, an attempt to put an end to disruptive behavior, I offer above video.

Please enjoy.

Sincerely yours,